Dennis Wiedman on Raising and Connecting Global Indigenous Voices. Interview March 2019

Dennis Wiedman on Raising and Connecting Global Indigenous Voices. Interview by Stephanie Doscher, March 8, 2019. Episode 9, Season 1. Making Global Learning Universal Podcast. Florida International University. Office of Global Learning Initiatives.

Dr. Dennis Wiedman explores the origin, mission, and secrets for success of Florida International University’s Global Indigenous Faculty Forum and Global Indigenous Student Group. Dennis is an Associate Professor in FIU’s Department of Global and Sociocultural Studies. He is also founding Director of the FIU Global Indigenous Forum, established in 2013 to bring the Indigenous voice to FIU, South Florida, and the world.

Episode 9 Dennis Wiedman recorded 53 minute interview, edited 20 page transcript, show notes, and discussion guide with discussion questions and learning outcomes is located at:https:/globallearningpodcast.fiu.eduepisode-9-dennis-wiedman/

The edited and printable 20 page transcript elaborates on historical details beyond the information in the recorded interview. https:/globallearningpodcast.fiu.edu_assets/docs/transcripts/episode-9-dennis-wiedman-transcript.pdf.

The podcast is hosted by Stephanie Doscher, Director of Global Learning Initiatives at Florida International University and co-author of the book “Making Global Learning Universal: Promoting Inclusion and Success for All.” Making Global Learning Universal Podcasts are a collection of conversations about engaging diverse perspectives, collaboration, and complex problem solving in higher education—on campus, online, in local communities, and abroad. Eleven episodes feature FIU faculty who have designed and taught courses as part of Florida International University’s institution-wide Global Learning for Global Citizenship initiative. All episodes are accompanied by the recorded interview, show notes, transcripts, and discussion guides to enhance global learning professional development, leadership, and teacher preparation. For the podcasts main page see: https:/globallearningpodcast.fiu.eduindex.html