The FIU Global Indigenous Forum (GIF) welcomes your support in continuing our mission to bring the Indigenous voice to FIU, South Florida, and the world. Because of the generous contribution of the Dunnick Endowment Fund, our Global Indigenous Initiatives at FIU have grown to encompass a rich curriculum of indigenous studies courses and programming, making FIU a Worlds Ahead institution of Indigenous scholarship and a home for Indigenous students worldwide. Today, we invite corporations, individuals, and our global Indigenous communities to be a part of our family in order to build a strong foundation for our own family “Chickee” that is our very own Global Indigenous Forum at FIU.


Founded in 2013, the FIU Global Indigenous Forum has made strides in the excellence and richness of Indigenous studies programs at FIU. Together with our FIU student group, the Global Indigenous Group (GIG), our FIU family has succeeded in bringing internationally renowned Indigenous scholars, global Indigenous leaders, and most importantly, the indigenous voice to our FIU Campus. Although we have come a long way in a short period of time, we can only achieve our goals with your support for the Global Indigenous Forum.

GIF Circle of friends

The symbol of the circle represents the never-ending cycle of life and is a powerful symbol among many cultures globally. Our GIF circle of friends represents individuals from various backgrounds who have committed themselves to the continuous success of the Global Indigenous Forum. Our Circle of Friends embody true community leaders who understand the importance of creating a home for global Indigenous discussion and scholarship. The Circle of Friends is composed of individuals who have made a a dedicated commitment and contribution to the success of GIF mission, goals and objectives. Integrally engaged in GIG activities, our Circle of Friends shares our vision with those around them.

How will your donation make an impact?

Placing your contributions in one of our initiatives ensures a legacy for generations of our students and community at-large. Here are just some of our leading Indigenous initiatives that need your support. Together, your gift can make an impact on our university, our community, and the world.

Chickee Initiative

Our flagship project is a collaborative initiative of GIF, and the student club GIG which aims at funding the construction of a thatched palm covered, and open sided building known as a “Chickee” the traditional building of the Seminole and Miccosukee of Florida. The construction of this Chickee would create a central gathering place for events, meetings, and solace on the Modesto Maidique Campus. A symbol of our South Florida cultural diversity and rich indigenous heritage, this meeting place is meant to be close to the earth, out-of-doors, and will help our students of both indigenous and non-indigenous backgrounds experience nature and celebrate our diverse identities at FIU.

This initiative can only be possible by generous gifts from community members like you. Individuals or organizations that give between $250 and $500 will be honorably mentioned and will have their names forever etched on a recognition area of the Chickee. Gifts of over $500 will also be recognized as leaders and trailblazers for this initiative in our recognition area.

Other projects and initiatives

Among the many university-wide initiatives at FIU, the Global Indigenous Forum is among one of the most active at FIU with a wide range of events and activities and have both local and global reach. With such a variety of events and activities, we are only scratching the surface of our potential. With your generous gift, we can achieve these following projects and initiatives:

Study Abroad opportunities for students: Part of our Worlds Ahead ideology at FIU and our Global Mission at GIF is supporting study abroad opportunities for our students to experience Indigenous cultures worldwide is an indispensable and priceless experience that helps us train our future global leaders in intercultural affairs, indigenous studies, and a holistic view of world cultures. Creating global citizens while encouraging global engagement is at the forefront of all we do, for example, GIF supported study abroad programs to the Ainu of Japan and the Quichua people of Ecuador.

Research Grants and Scholarships: Your contribution to the FIU Global Indigenous Forum assists us in supporting new generations of scholars and make an impact on global indigenous scholarship and Academia. Many students who attend FIU rely on scholarships and grants for funding for their studies. Establishing merit-based scholarships and research grants enables our students to overcome financial barriers and contribute in great ways to our university, the community, and the world.

International Indigenous Conferences at FIU: as a growing leader of Indigenous studies, FIU is poised to be a global center for Indigenous scholarship. To this end, your donation can help your Global Indigenous Forum with organizing an international conference at our very own FIU. Donors will be special guests at our scholarly conferences where their contribution will be honored.

Indigenous Scholars: Bringing Indigenous scholars from around the world to FIU to share knowledge, experience, and more. Workshops and events that include internationally renowned indigenous scholars can be a logistical feat that requires funding for travel and other expenses associated with an international visit. Our donors have a unique chance to speak and interact with these scholars through their generous gifts to GIF.

Indigenous Film Series: Today, Indigenous film makers and directors are creating new films that come uniquely from an indigenous perspective. Purchasing rights to view these films and inviting filmmakers to FIU has long been a goal of the Global Indigenous Forum which can be achieved through your generous gift. Donors to our Indigenous Film Series Initiative will have reserved front row seats to film screenings and will have VIP invitations to receptions with Indigenous film makers and other special guest.

Global Indigenous Archives: Preserving knowledge, history, and research is a big commitment the Global Indigenous Forum makes in order to ensure that Indigenous knowledge and research is in safe hands for future generations. Your gift can help the Global Indigenous Forum maintain and contribute to the FIU Special Collections at the Green Library on Global Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous initiatives history at FIU. Donors who donate to this initiative will have privileged access to our archives and collections of GIF history items.

Internet Streaming and Webinars: In our desire to expand the Indigenous dialogue across borders, we strive to make our activities and events public and available for everyone to attend, even if they are many miles away. An investment in our online streaming capabilities is an investment in our capacity to reach a global audience.

Endowed Indigenous Studies Professor and GIF Director We are seeking a major contributor to fully fund an Indigenous Studies Professor position for an internationally known Indigenous scholar who would lead us as Director of the Global Indigenous Forum. This endowed chair would elevate Indigenous Studies at FIU to even greater world-wide recognition. Ph.D. level scholar can be from any academic discipline where the department faculty would welcome the scholar.

These are just some of the ways in which you can support our FIU Global Indigenous Forum, it is our goal to have donors have control over where their gifts are going so that you and our community can see and experience the tangible benefits of your contribution.


To support Global Indigenous programs at FIU contributions can be made by

1. Phone Text: 41444 with the word FIUGIF.

2. Internet Online: Make GIF Contributions at: http:/igfn.usf/2983/n Our initial goal of $5,000 can be monitored at Thermometer Page: https:/app.mobilecause.comt/ck/2983

3. FIU Foundation Online: We greatly appreciate your financial contribution through the FIU Foundation web page. https:/give.fiu.edugive-now/school-of-international-and-public-affairs/ Use “Designation” drop down menu to select the FIU Global Indigenous Forum.

4. Mail check to:

Juan Carlos Del Valle, Executive Director, FIU Foundation. Florida International University 11200 SW 8th Street, MARC 5th Floor Miami, Florida 33199

Make checks payable to the FIU Foundation, Inc.

Memo line should read “Global Indigenous Forum” and “Chickee Initiative” and/or your initiative of choice that you would like to support.

Donations may be 100% tax deductible. For more information, please consult your tax adviser.