1. Further institutionalize FIU Global Indigenous Studies within FIU.
    1. Pursue recognition as an entity with ability to advertise, promote programs and raise funds.
    2. Create and maintain FIU web page with current events, curricula, faculty, etc.
    3. Form committees with a Chairperson to pursue specific goals and objectives.
    4. Cultivate planning and advisor roles of Tribal Representatives.
    5. Facilitate grants and contributions to fund Indigenous related endeavors. FIU Ignite Campaign
  2. Encourage continued leadership and member activities of GIG student club: Global Indigenous Group
    1. Promote social , educational , artistic and service monthly events.
    2. Sponsor annual Indigenous Celebration
    3. Work with Office of Multicultural Programs and Services to support GIG.
  3. Collaborations with Indigenous Nations and Organizations
    1. Engage Miccosukee and Seminole in FIU, while promoting their events on campus.
    2. Invite involvement of Taino, Aymara, Quechua and other Indigenous groups.
  4. Faculty recruitment, research and service.
    1. Facilitate quality pool of new hire in Department of Religious Studies.
    2. Communicate to Department Chairpersons the importance of recognizing Indigenous Studies as a valued aspect of faculty assignments and annual evaluations
  5. Course and Curriculum Development
    1. Develop list of FIU Indigenous related courses and advertise these to community.
    2. Evaluate the components needed for a Certificate in Global Indigenous Studies.
  6. Student Recruitment, Support, Engagement
    1. Plan for a scholarship fund for Indigenous Students.
    2. Welcome and engage alumni in Indigenous forum programs and leadership
    3. Represent FIU at Seminole and Miccosukee College Days.
    4. Student Internships, Grants, Fellowships, Field Research
      1. Compile and distribute Indigenous related opportunities.
      2. Promote and facilitate Seminole Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum and other Tribal internships.
    5. Student Research
      1. Guide students in research projects that benefit Indigenous peoples and communities.
      2. Link students to Indigenous communities, organizations and educational resources.
      3. Support student attendance at NAISA: Native American and Indigenous Studies conference.
  7. Guest Speakers
    1. Advertise and promote Indigenous related speakers in classes and colloquiums.
    2. Influence University panels and discussions to include Indigenous perspectives.
  8. Symposia and Conferences (Organize the below topics and Co-Sponsor on others)
    1. Native American Women Abuse and Trafficking
    2. South Florida Environment and Everglades. “Love the Everglades Planning”. July 27, 2014
    3. Guatemalan Mayan Farmworker Issues
    4. Met Square Archaeological and Historical Preservation
    5. FIU Intercultural Climate Change Symposium. Spring 2015
  9. Cultural Events, Exhibits and Activities
    1. Lee Tiger, Freedom Tour of the Americas. Music with a message.