Directing Organizational Culture Change of a Public University for Inclusion of Indigenous Peoples

“Directing Organizational Culture Change of a Public University for Inclusion of Indigenous Peoples: The FIU Global Indigenous Forum,” by Dennis Wiedman. March 22, 2019. Conference presentation in Portland, Oregon, at the 79th Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology. At session titled: “Applying Anthropology in Education: Addressing Equity from K-College.” Chaired and organized by Ellen Puccia, (Beta Research Associates, Inc), and Rebecca Montalvo Campbell (University of Connecticut).

Listen to recorded 22 minute presentation at: Dennis Wiedman SfAA 2019 Podcast

Presentation abstract: “Purposefully using anthropology theory and methods to direct organizational culture change (Wiedman and Martinez, Human Organization 2017), the Global Indigenous Forum initiated at Florida International University in 2013, brings the Indigenous voice to the campus, South Florida, and the world. ( Creating a welcoming space for Indigenous peoples from all continents of the world during these turbulent times led to challenges in balancing academic teaching, research, advocacy, political activism, and Indigenous community interests for the fair discussion of critical issues. Applied-practicing anthropology enabled this organization to become more inclusive and globally connected, integrating a holistic understanding for teaching of future generations.

Session abstract: “Students face challenges as they navigate through the U.S. educational system. National culture, institutional context, and local discourses spur inequality and comprise hurdles for students, families, and educators. Anthropologists working in these areas use a variety of research methods to describe factors that affect matriculation of groups. Such studies inform on topics from undergraduates’ persistence in their declared majors to the social and emotional climate children face in elementary school. Applications promise to arm individuals with improved approaches to creating better climates and addressing causes of educational inequality. This panel highlights implications of applied anthropological research in school equity.” To hear all five session presenters: http:/sfaa.netpodcast/index.php/podcasts/2019-portland-engaging-change-turbulent-times/applying-anthropology-education-addressing-equity-k-college/

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