The FIU Global Indigenous Forum was initiated in 2013. Below are links to web sources presenting perspectives on the history, successes and challenges of the FIU Global Indigenous Forum (GIF), and the student club, the Global Indigenous Group (GIG).

"Our Founders" On April 19th, 2013, students, tribal members and faculty members gathered to start a conversation about the need of having Indigenous voices at Florida International University. They became the founders of the student led organization, the Global Indigenous Group, and the force behind the Global Indigenous Forum. Photograph of first meeting and listing of participants. /about-us/founders/

"Raising and Connecting Global Indigenous Voices." Interview of Dennis Wiedman by Stephanie Doscher, March 8, 2019, explores the origin, mission, and successes of Florida International University’s Global Indigenous Forum, and the student club, the Global Indigenous Group. Hear recorded interview or read transcript:/about-us/history/interview-with-dennis-wiedman-on-raising-and-connecting-global-indigenous-voices-may-2019/

“Directing Organizational Culture Change of a Public University for Inclusion of Indigenous Peoples: The FIU Global Indigenous Forum.” Conference presentation by Dennis Wiedman. March 22, 2019 at the 79th annual meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology. Portland, Oregon. Listen to recorded SfAA Podcast 2019, session 11 at: /about-us/history/directing-organizational-culture-change-of-public-university-for-inclusion-of-indigenous-peoples/

“Forum Provides a Space for Indigenous Perspectives on Campus Leads the way in Scholarship.” FIU News. April 12, 2019. By Gisela Valencia. Story on the "Who is Indigenous" panel discussion organized by the FIU Global Indigenous Forum, April 13, 2019. Story, interviews, and photos interconnect the event with the overarching mission of the Global Indigenous Forum and the history of its work. https:/news.fiu.edu2019/04/forum-provides-a-space-for-indigenous-perspectives-on-campus-leads-the-way-in-scholarship/132551