Indigenous Student Recruitment and Retention Meeting

Event information
Venue:FIU Modesto A. Maidique Campus, GC 216 Multicultural Programs and Services Conference Room

We ask for your presence to brainstorm together regarding FIU Indigenous student recruitment and retention. All self-identifying Indigenous members of our FIU family, and those interested in Indigenous student success, are asked to join us for this ground breaking event. An hour of your time might mean everything to building the environment we want to experience at FIU. Regardless of nation, we are one people with common goals at FIU, lets build our community together.

The FIU Global Indigenous Forum encourages Indigenous students to attend, feel welcome, and succeed at FIU. Along with the student club, the Global Indigenous Group, we are composed of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples who seek to bring the Indigenous voice to FIU, the local and international communities.

Please join us to support and network with Indigenous students, professors, professionals and tribal communities to make FIU a welcoming place for all nations of the world.

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