Life Beyond Scientific Fact: Cultivating Restorative Ecologies of Care andCultural Continutity

Event information
Venue:GL 137

Dr. Monica Barra (University of South Carolina) will be at FIU on Thursday, Feb 9th at 3pm, GL 137. Please join the GSS Department in welcoming her to campus. You can join us in-person or via zoom (meeting id and password are on the flyer).

Her work pushes us to rethink ecological restoration as a process bound to ongoing formulations of racial and environmental justice. Restoration solutions are often based on "technoscientific fixes" and routinely pushed onto vulnerable wetland communities by the state. Based on extensive fieldwork with Black and Indigenous bayou communities in southeast Louisiana, Dr. Barra will discuss the notion of alternative restorations—or restoration otherwise—around three reformulations of restoration: As a practice of cultural continuity, as a mode of cultivating self-reliance, and as a scientific practice of integrity and humility. Her talk will give us insights on how Black and Indigenous ecological practices and values can shift the course of restoration science.