"Our Future is Past: Memory and Historical Justice"

Event information
Venue:Zoom: (Link TBA)

21st Annual Department of History Graduate Student Association Conference

March 26th, 10am -3:15pm

Only the morning panel details are included below. Afternoon panel information will be posted shortly.

  • 10 am to 10: 05: Welcome and introduction of our keynote speaker: Professor Jenna Gibbs
  • 10:10 to 11:00am Keynote Lecture by Professor Andrew Denson: “Transforming Sites of Memory in the Native South.”
  • 11-11:30am Q &A with Professor Denson.
  • Break: 11:30-11:40
  • 11:40- 1:00: Indigenous History and Memory, Past and Present /Chair: Professor Judith Mansilla Commentator: Professor Andrew Denson/
    • Cesar Castillo: “Malintzin Portrayed: A Sixteenth-Century Depiction of Her Role in the Spanish Conquest and Mexican Indigenous Memory.”
    • Alfredo Escudero Villaneuva: “The order they had in times of the ynga’: Memory and Ethnography in Early Colonial Land Inspections from the Andes.”
    • Angela Albanese: “Narrative Removal: Indigenous Presence and Absence in American Public Thought, 1820-1845.”
    • Andrea Sanchez: “The Politics of Invisibility: Memory and Revitalization of Urban Indigeneity in Contemporary Columbia.”
  • 1:30-3:00pm: Religion and Social Justice in Latin America