Ethics and Roles of Indigenious Researchers in Academia

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Venue:FIU Modesto A. Maidique Campus - School of International Affairs 502-503

FIU Indigenous Workshop

Ethics and Roles of Indigenous Researchers in Academia

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The Indigenous workshop creates a space for a dialog between and among undergraduate, graduate students, and faculty about their own culture, and ways to succeed at research working with Indigenous communities. Occasional meetings are led by a student or faculty member: The purpose is to discuss specific topic relating to ways of succeeding in academia as well as maintaining recognition in our communities. These informal workshops are open to all students and faculty from departments and disciplines across the University.

The first dialog will be led by Adrian Cetina, Maya from Quintana Roo of Mexico, a doctoral student in Global and Sociocultural Studies who brings us a perspective on: “Ethics and Roles of Indigenous Researchers in Academia.”

My talk will address two important aspects regarding the participation of Indigenous researchers in academia. On the one hand, I’ll be talking about questions that arise about the appropriate ways in which to undertake Indigenous research being an insider and to ensure that the research undertaken is safe and ethical. On the other hand, I would like to talk about the importance of Indigenous research and how Indigenous researchers come to complement the work that has been made by non-Indigenous researchers offering alternative and complementary perspectives that contribute to a better understanding of the Indigenous cultures.

Organized by the FIU Global Indigenous Forum. Co-sponsored by SAGGSA , Sociology - Anthropology - Geography Graduate Student Association, and GIG, Global Indigenous Group.