New First Vice Chair of the FIU Global Indigenous Forum – Maria-Luisa Veisaga

Dr. Maria-Luisa Veisaga was confirmed as First Vice Chair receiving one hundred percent of the GIF Advisory Council voting member’s approval. We now look forward to her strong Quechua values, perspectives and leadership in working to continue the important goals and activities of the Global Indigenous Forum. Maria-Luisa Veisaga, Ph.D. is a Senior Teaching Lab Specialist in the School of Integrated Science and Humanity. A Quechua from Bolivia, her research focuses on the endocytosis, and signal transduction of plants. She joins Director/Chair Dennis Wiedman, and Second Vice Chair Rubi Hurtado, in guiding the Global Indigenous Forum. In this role she encourages inter-disciplinary activities, including other academic units, centers, institutes, student organizations and administrative offices. She leads GIF in the absence of the Chair and records the membership, meetings and decisions of the Advisory Council.