Indigenous Courses at FIU

For those interested in learning about Indigenous peoples, nine courses from six disciplines are offered this fall semester at Florida International University. These include courses in the disciplines of Anthropology, Art, Earth & Environment, Modern Languages, Religious Studies, and Sociology. Information can be viewed at the FIU Global Indigenous Forum – Academics web page at:

Eight of the courses are at the undergraduate level, one at the graduate level. The graduate course “Ethnohistorical Research Methods” trains students from a wide array of disciplines mixed methods approaches to using historical documents and archives such as photographs, interviews, fieldnotes, videos, and blogs. The course includes Indigenous methodologies and readings. Students can choose an Indigenous research project of their own interest. In “Women in Latin American Art” you can learn about art from Pre-Columbian beginnings to today including Indigenous artists especially Inka Coya. The course “Global Environment and Society” explores the ways of life and worldviews of traditional cultures, particularly how indigenous peoples can teach the more dominant global societies about sustainability and quality of life. The Ainu, Indigenous peoples of Japan are highlighted in the course “Japanese Literature and Cinema.”