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Call for Nominations Global Indigenous Forum - GIF, and Global Indigenous Group - GIG Florida International University
Version of May 5, 2015

Please consider a role in our efforts to bring the Indigenous voice to FIU and the South Florida community by participating in a leadership position in the Global Indigenous Forum, GIF, or the student club, Global Indigenous Group, GIG. http:/

Express an interest in one or more of the positions listed below. Self-nominations are most welcome, or nominate a person who you think qualifies. For more information, descriptions of the positions can be viewed further below.

Send a few sentences supporting your nomination and qualifications for the position(s). State Indigenous heritage or interests. Email your nominations to Dennis Wiedman, by Friday, May 15.

GIF Advisory Council:

  • First Vice Chair (Internal from Faculty):
  • Second Vice Chair (External to FIU from Indigenous Community):
  • New Member:

GIG Student Club, Global Indigenous Group

  • President:
  • Vice President:
  • Treasurer:
  • CSO Representative:
  • Elder/Faculty Adviser:

GIF/GIG Communications Committee:

GIF/GIG Intertribal Celebration Committee: (Event scheduled for October 24, 2015)

  • Faculty Co-Chair:
  • Student Co-Chair:
  • Member:

GIF Circle of Friends Committee: (Contributors, especially Community members)

  • Chair
  • Member


Position Descriptions

Excerpted from the GIG Constitution, and GIF By-Laws,


Position Descriptions from Constitution Global Indigenous Group, GIG
Posted in Orgsync January 2015.

Article IV - Officers

Section 1 The officers of this organization shall consist of:

President: Recruits new members, reports to the club advisors

Vice-President: Assist the president in duties, helps update the club webpage, monitors membership standing.

CSO Representative: Make sure the club is following the CSO point system, represent GIG in the CSO general meetings.

Secretary: Take notes at meetings; keep records of important contacts made by the organization, keeps lists of the attendance of the meetings.

Treasurer: Keep records of inflows and outflows of money, oversee fundraising.

The duties listed above are general and do not mean that members cannot help each other out with their specified duties. At least 1 member of the committee must be present at each of the CSO general meetings. All members of the committee must contribute with new ideas in order to serve our club members.

Section 2 All members interested in being officers shall submit an application to the club advisors in order to be considered to be part of the committee for the academic year starting in the summer and ending in spring.


Position Descriptions from By-Laws Global Indigenous Forum Florida International University
Version of April 14, 2015

Advisory Council Membership:

Members are to be representative of the FIU faculty, staff, students, alumni, community and tribal representatives. Leadership by persons of Indigenous heritage are valued. Appointment to the Advisory Council is at the discretion of the GIF Director, based on recommendations from the Advisory Council, and is for an initial term of two years, with eligibility for reappointment.

The First Vice-Chair (Internal) will be an FIU employee. The First Vice-Chairperson exercises the duties of the Chair in the absence of the Chair. The First Vice-Chair encourages inter-disciplinary activities, including other academic units, centers, institutes, student organizations and administrative offices. The First Vice-Chair records and documents the membership, meetings and decisions of the Advisory Council.

The Second Vice-Chair (External) is not an FIU Employee and is selected from the community or tribal representatives. The Second Vice-Chair facilitates engagement activities, including outreach to schools, professional communities, tribal organizations and the public.

GIF Communications Committee

Members of the GIF Communications Committee work to coordinate Internet communications to reflect GIF mission, goals and objectives while insuring an honorable and accurate presentation of Indigenous issues to the public and University community.

Members have skills in internet social media, web design and editing.. Faculty, staff, students, alumni and Indigenous community members can serve in this capacity. The A&S/SIPA web designer is a vital member.

Intertribal Celebration Committee

A major event of the year, the Intertribal Celebration brings the Indigenous voice and issues to campus with performers, speakers, videos, music, art, etc. This event requires consistent leadership and a well-coordinated working group of volunteers encouraging the involvement of Indigenous peoples and the community. A GIG student leader serves as Co-Chair with a member of the GIF Advisory Council.

GIF Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends is composed of individuals who have a dedicated commitment to the success of GIF mission, goals and objectives. Integrally engaged in GIG activities, our Circle of Friends shares our vision with those around them. Members have made significant contributions to the well-being of GIF and are appointed by the GIF director. Continuing membership is based on their contributions to the organization. The Chair of this committee serves on the GIF Advisory Council and is appointed by the GIF Director.