GIF Spring 2015 Courses Announcement

The mission of the newly formed FIU Global Indigenous Forum is to bring global Indigenous issues, voices and awareness to the FIU campus and world community through courses, activities and events. We represent faculty and academic disciplines throughout the University.

Seven Indigenous courses are offered in spring 2015 semester. Four are at the undergraduate level, three at the graduate level. One is fully on-line and another is a study abroad. They are being offered in the disciplines of Environmental Studies, Law, Religious Studies, and Anthropology.

See the GIF web page for information on these courses, Indigenous events, students and faculty.

Spring 2015 Indigenous Studies Courses

Anthropology through Film: Indigenous Issues, Voices and Perspectives
ANT 4391-U01. MMC Wed 12:00PM - 2:50PM Dennis Wiedman

Through films and Internet media this course explores major issues of Indigenous peoples in regions of the world while learning fundamental concepts in anthropology.

Indigenous and Environmental Issues in the Andean Amazon
EVR 4934/5935 LASS 5933 MMC Thur 6:25 to 9:05 PM. Jim Riach. Earth and Environment

The aim of this class is to allow students to better understand the socio-environmental conflicts affecting Indigenous Peoples in the Peruvian Amazon and to inspire their involvement in these issues through the interaction and interchange of ideas with some of the very people involved in these struggles as they work to resolve them.

Peruvian Amazon Service Research Study Abroad
IDH 4007/4008| MMC Tu & Thur 2:00 to 9:05. Jim Riach. Earth and Environment.

This is a two-semester program that combines interdisciplinary service research with cultural and ecological experiential learning. It culminates with a four week stay in Peru, with several days spent in Lima, the metropolitan capitol of Peru, Iquitos, the largest city in the western Amazon, and at field stations in the Amazon rainforest itself.

Native American Religions
REL 3380 ONLINE MaryLou Pfeiffer. Religious Studies.

This 3-credit fully online Religious Studies course offers an overview of American Indian indigenous groups regionally throughout North America.


Comparative Indigenous Religions of the Americas
Natives of North America, Mayas of Central America, Aymaras and Quechuas of the Andes.
RLG 5937 – REL 4937-U06. MMC. Mondays 5:00 - 9:05 PM. Ana Maria Bidegain. Religious Studies

The course will analyze the foundations and sources to study spirituality, world views, beliefs and worship of Native nations. An emphasis is on the role of Indigenous religious experience in developing resistance and resilience in contemporary social and political struggles.

Seminar on Latin America: Latin American Indigenous Peoples’ Experiences, Cultures and Political Struggles.
ANG 6339 U01 MMC Wed 11:00 to 1:45 PM Juliet Erazo. Anthropology Global and Sociocultural Studies.

The aim of this class is to engage with scholarly work that sheds light on the contemporary experiences and struggles of indigenous peoples across Latin America. Most weeks will be dedicated to reading ethnographies.

Complex Litigation.
LAW 7308 U01- -MMC Mon-Wed 3:30PM - 4:45PM. Manuel Gomez.

Focuses on the Chevron-Ecuador dispute that arose from a lawsuit filed on behalf of indigenous peoples from the Ecuadorean Amazon.


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