Japanese Literature and Cinema

JPT 3521 (U01, MWF/ 10:00-10:50/ GC 271A | Spring 2016 | Masako Kubota |

Course Overview

This course offers an overview of Japanese literature and film spanning from 12th century to the contemporary period. Through close readings and discussions of representative Japanese authors and directors, we will address socio-culture and philosophical issues in the context of the historical and cultural transformation over the past century

Major topics include: the advent of Japanese modernity and westernization; invention of tradition; new forms of gendered, racialized, and classed subjectivities, including Ainu oral literature; and post-disaster cultural forms and eco-criticism.

By examining various genres of Japanese literature and film, the students are expected to develop critical skills of analyzing literary and cinematic texts.

No knowledge of the original language is required.