Japanese Culture and Society / Global Learning Course

JPN 3500 (U02), MWF/ 11:00-11:50/ GC 279A | Spring 2016 | Masako Kubota
JPN 3500- RVC, Online Course| Masako Kubota

Course Overview

This course will examine Japan, from 1603 to 1868, focusing on the culture, societal life of people and the geography of Japan. A multi-perspective approach will be used to examine during the semester including: class and gender, the effects of modernization and globalization, and daily life and diversions in Edo the city that became Tokyo. Students will explore not only the traditional art including NĂ´ play, Kabuki, but also current events and contemporary social concerns. This will be highlighted using case studies and a current events journal to understand, analyze and evaluate contemporary social issues in Japan. Students will examine on local, global, international and intercultural levels and encourage engagement in problem solving.