Seminar on Latin America: Latin American Indigenous Peoples’ Experiences, Cultures and Political Str

| ANG 6339 | Spring 2015 | MMC | Wednesdays | 11 AM - 1:45 PM | Juliet Erazo | More Information |

Course Overview

The aim of this class is to engage with scholarly work that sheds light on the contemporary experiences and struggles of indigenous peoples across Latin America. Most weeks will be dedicated to reading ethnographies written by anthropologists and scholars from related disciplines (including some indigenous scholars) and discussing both the theoretical and thematic content of those ethnographies. The course will have three units:

  • Unit 1: From mestizaje to multiculturalism and beyond: race and identity in contemporary Latin America (including some attention to the politics and issues surrounding whether Afro-descendent peoples in Latin America could or should be considered “indigenous”)
  • Unit 2: Beyond cultural difference: different ways of being in the world, the concepts of territory and the pluriverse
  • Unit 3: National and international indigenous rights movements and their struggles (surrounding territory and political autonomy, bilingual-intercultural education; alternative medicine; and the “resource wars” over gas, petroleum, and clean water access.)


Juliet Erazo, Ph.D
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