Indigenous and Environmental Issues in the Andean Amazon

| EVR 4934/5935 LASS 5933 |

Course Overview

The aim of this class is to allow students to better understand the socio-environmental conflicts affecting Indigenous Peoples in the Peruvian Amazon and to inspire their involvement in these issues through the interaction and interchange of ideas with some of the very people involved in these struggles as they work to resolve them.

Lands occupied by indigenous peoples around the world are being increasingly supplanted by extractive industries in pursuit of economic growth, leading to accusations of violations of the rights of indigenous peoples. The problem is particularly serious in the Peru where protests and deadly violence have followed the turning over of 70% of the Amazon to extractive activities on lands occupied by indigenous communities, environmental preserves, and un-contacted tribes.

This course concentrates on the socio-environmental conflicts affecting indigenous peoples in the Andean Amazon, with a focus on Peru. Students will interact with people involved in these struggles as they work to resolve them through in-person and cyber conferences with experts actively working on indigenous and environmental issues in the Andean Amazon. Potential participants include leaders of Peruvian indigenous federations, researchers from FIU and Peruvian universities, and representatives of Peruvian and American agencies and organizations.


Jim Riach, Ph.D. Anthropologist
Senior Instructor of Earth & Environment
Office: FIU Modesto A. Maidique Campus, AHC5 366. Tel: 305-348-1209